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The Making of Urban America

3rd Edition

Edited by Raymond A. Mohl and Roger Biles - Contributions by Eric Avila; Timothy M. Collins; Daniel Czitrom; Leslie M. Harris; Arnold R. Hirsch; Michael B. Katz; Randall M. Miller; Edward K. Muller; Gary B. Nash; Mary E. Odem; Dominic A. Pacyga; Kathy Peiss; Madelon Powers; Thomas J. Sugrue and Joel A. Tan

The revised and updated third edition of The Making of Urban America includes seven new articles and a richly detailed historiographical essay that discusses the vast urban history literature added to the canon since the publication of the second edition. The authors’ extensively revised introductions and the fifteen reprinted articles trace urban development from the preindustrial city to the twentieth-century city. With emphasis on the social, economic, political, commercial, and cultural aspects of urban history, these essays illustrate the growth and change that created modern-day urban life. Dynamic topics such as technology, immigration and ethnicity, suburbanization, sunbelt cities, urban political history, and planning and housing are examined. The Making of Urban America is the only reader available that covers all of U.S. urban history and that also includes the most recent interpretive scholarship on the subject. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 464Size: 7 1/2 x 10 1/2
978-0-7425-5234-0 • Hardback • November 2011 • $110.00 • (£75.00)
978-0-7425-5235-7 • Paperback • November 2011 • $58.00 • (£39.95)
Raymond A. Mohl is professor of history at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Roger Biles is professor of history at Illinois State University.
Part I: The Preindustrial CityChapter 1: The Social Evolution of Preindustrial American Cities, 1700–1820
Chapter 2: Slavery, Emancipation, and Class Formation in Colonial and Early National New York CityChapter 3: The Enemy Within: Some Effects of Foreign Immigrants on Antebellum Southern CitiesPart II: The Industrial CityChapter 4: Underworlds and Underdogs: Big Tim Sullivan and Metropolitan Politics in New York, 1889–1913Chapter 5: The “Poor Man’s Friend”: Saloonkeepers, Workers, and the Code of Reciprocity in U.S. Barrooms, 1879–1920Chapter 6: Leisure and Labor
Chapter 7: Chicago’s 1919 Race Riot: Ethnicity, Class, and Urban Violence
Chapter 8: Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers: From Industrial Infrastructure to Environmental Asset
Part III: The Twentieth-Century MetropolisChapter 9: The New Deal in Dallas
Chapter 10: Crabgrass-Roots Politics: Race, Rights, and the Reaction against Liberalism in the Urban North, 1840–1964Chapter 11: Popular Culture in the Age of White Flight: Film Noir, Disneyland, and the Cold War (Sub)Urban ImaginaryChapter 12: Planned Destruction: The Interstates and Central City Housing
Chapter 13: Harold and Dutch: A Comparative Look at the First Black Mayors of Chicago and New OrleansChapter 14: Latino Immigrants and the Politics of Space in Atlanta
Chapter 15: What Is an American City?
Part IV: The Historiography of Urban AmericaChapter 16: New Perspectives on American Urban History

Highly recommended for any involved in urban studies programs at the college level.

(Previous Edition Praise)
Midwest Book Review

This new edition of The Making of Urban America highlights recent scholarship and shows the continued vitality of U.S. urban history. The methodological variety of the selections and the comprehensive bibliographic essay make the volume valuable to students and scholars alike.
Carl Abbott, Portland State University

This thoroughly revised collection offers the broadest range of American urban historical research including both the essential classics and the best of the recent scholarship. It is an indispensable tool for urban history courses. The editors have written and selected wisely.

David Goldfield, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Covers the entire span of American urban history, from the colonial era to the 21st century

Three-part chronological organization, covering the preindustrial city, the industrial city, and the modern metropolis

Extensive analytical introductions to each chronological section

Population tables drawn from various U.S. census data, including 2010 census

Fifteen articles, seven new to this edition

Extensive, up-to-date historiographical essay on eighteen separate sub-fields