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Transnational Protest and Global Activism

Edited by Donatella della Porta and Sidney Tarrow - Contributions by W Lance Bennett; Donatella Della Porta; Mario Diani; Erik Johnson; Felix Kolb; Doug McAdam; John D. McCarthy; Christopher Rootes and Kathryn Sikkink

In this book, two titans of social movement scholarship bring together the best current research on the nexus between the local and the global in translating the global justice movement into action at the grass roots, and vice versa. Using recent cases of transnational contention_from the European Social Forum in Florence to the Argentinean human rights movement and British environmentalists, from movement networks in Bristol and Glasgow to the Zapatistas_the original chapters by distinguished scholars presented in this volume adapt current social movement theory to what appears to be a new cycle of protest developing around the globe. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 304Size: 7 3/8 x 9 1/4
978-0-7425-3586-2 • Hardback • July 2004 • $117.00 • (£75.00)
978-0-7425-3587-9 • Paperback • July 2004 • $51.00 • (£34.95)
978-1-4616-6672-1 • eBook • July 2004 • $49.99 • (£32.95)
Donatella della Porta is professor of sociology at the European University Institute, Florence. Sidney Tarrow is the Maxwell M. Upson Professor of Government and professor of sociology at Cornell University.
Chapter 1 Transnational Processes and Social Activism: An Introduction
Part 2 I Transnationalism from the Inside
Chapter 3 A Limited Transnationalization? The British Environmental Movement
Chapter 4 Cities in the World: Local Civil Society and Global Issues in Britain
Part 5 II Diffusion and Scale Shift
Chapter 6 The Sequencing of Transnational and National Social Movement Mobilization: The Organizational Mobilization of the Global and U.S. Environmental Movements
Chapter 7 The Impact of Transnational Protest on Social Movement Organizations: Mass Media and the Making of ATTAC Germany
Chapter 8 Scale Shift in Transnational Contention
Part 9 III Internationalization
Chapter 10 Patterns of Dynamic Multilevel Governance and the Insider-Outsider Coalition
Chapter 11 Multiple Belongings, Tolerant Identities, and the Construction of "Another Politics": Between the European Social Forum and the Local Social Fora
Chapter 12 Social Movements beyond Borders: Understanding Two Eras of Transnational Activism
Chapter 13 Conclusion: "Globalization," Complex Internationalism, and Transnational Contention
Chapter 14 Appendix A: Organizational Consolidation
Chapter 15 Appendix B: Repertoires of Action
A very well concieved collection of articles on a still new and largely unexplored phenomenon, in spite of the fact that and increasing number of scholars have started to tackle it in recent years. Transnational Contention and Global Activism brings us a step further on the track set by them.

Broach[es] with superb aplomb the highly complex issue of transnationalism, specifically among social movements which are already well-known for instituting chains of protest against a world system characterized by obstinate - and inequitable - neo-liberal globalisation…Present[s] top-notch scholarship: the essays, diverse as they are, cohere impeccably and synthesize inter-related themes with enviable precision…a treasure-trove for those seeking a more nuanced understanding of contemporary developments in the area of social movement research.
Political Studies Review

Text Features

Links local and global conflicts.

Presents new hypotheses and empirical results on a variety of transnational movements.

Uses recent cases of transnational contention to show what appears to be a new cycle of protest developing around the globe, including—

·The European Social Forum in Florence

·The Argentinean Human Rights Movement

·British Environmental Movement

·The Zapatistas

Gives a nuanced and multifaceted perspective on the issues with a stellar list of international contributors.

Loaded with tables and figures to illustrate key points in the text.