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Environmental Virtue Ethics

Edited by Philip Cafaro and Ronald Sandler

There is one certainty regarding the human relationship with nature-there is no getting away from it. But while a relationship with nature is a given, the nature of that relationship is not. Environmental ethics is the attempt to determine how we ought and ought not relate to the natural environment. A complete environmental ethic requires both an ethic of action and an ethic of character. Environmental virtue ethics is the area of environmental ethics concerned with character. It has been an underappreciated and underdeveloped aspect of environmental ethics-until now. The selections in this collection, consisting of ten original and four reprinted essays by leading scholars in the field, discuss the role that virtue and character have traditional played in environmental discourse, and reflect upon the role that it should play in the future. The selections also discuss the substantive content of the environmental virtues and vices, and apply them to concrete environmental issues and problems.
This collection establishes the indispensability of environmental virtue ethics to environmental ethics. It also enhances the breadth and quality of the ongoing discussion of environmental virtue and vice and the role they should play in an adequate environmental ethic.
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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Philip Cafaro is assistant professor of philosophy at Colorado State University. His work has appeared in journals such as Environmental Ethics, Ethics and the Environment, Journal of Social Philosophy, Philosophy Today, and Philosophy in the Contemporary World. Ronald Sandler is assistant professor of philosophy at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. His work on environmental ethics has appeared in Environmental Ethics, Philosophy in the Contemporary World, and Ethics for Everyday.
Part 1 Part One: Recognizing Environmental Virtue Ethics
Chapter 2 Introduction: Environmental Virtue Ethics
Chapter 3 The Emergence of Ecological Virtue Language
Chapter 4 Thoreau, Leopold, and Carson: Toward an Environmental Virtue Ethics
Part 5 Part Two: Environmental Virtue Ethics Theory
Chapter 6 Ideals of Human Excellence and Preserving Natural Environments
Chapter 7 Environmental Virtue Ethics: Half the Truth but Dangerous as a Whole
Chapter 8 Virtue Ethics as Foundational for a Global Ethic
Chapter 9 A Virtue Ethics Approach to Aldo Leopold's Land Ethic
Chapter 10 Virtue Ethics and Repugnant Conclusions
Part 11 Part Three: Environmental Virtues And Vices
Chapter 12 Benevolence as an Environmental Virtue
Chapter 13 Gluttony, Arrogance, Greed and Apathy: An Exploration of Environmental Vice
Chapter 14 Religion and Environmental Virtue
Chapter 15 Cardinal Environmental Virtues
Part 16 Part Four: The Application Of Environmental Virtue
Chapter 17 Synergistic Environmental Virtues: Consumerism and Human Flourishing
Chapter 18 A Virtue Ethics Perspective on Genetically Modified Crops
A timely and much-needed collection.
Enviromental Ethics

Provides a wide spectrum of views on EVE, and advances current research on this topic....The essays are scholarly, imaginative, clearly written, and will be of interest to all readers with an interest in environmental philosophy.
Philosophy in Review, October 2006

The only book of its kind...an important addition to what one hopes will be a growing interest in EVE.
Environmental Values

The content is. . . interesting and important. It should not be mistaken for a standard textbook addressing solutions to practical engineering problems.
International Journal of Environmental Studies

—The first anthology on environmental virtue ethics

—Provides the definitive text to establish the importance of environmental virtue in environmental discourse

—Advances the current research on environmental virtue in original ways