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A History of the Handel Choir of Baltimore (1935–2013)

Music, Spread Thy Voice Around

Carl B. Schmidt

A History of the Handel Choir of Baltimore (1935-2013): Music, Spread Thy Voice Around chronicles the history of one of America’s longstanding volunteer choral organizations, one that has followed in the footsteps of venerable ensembles such as the Handel and Haydn Society (Boston), the Bethlehem Bach Choir, and the Handel Society of Dartmouth College. It begins by considering music in the city of Baltimore, and establishing the reasons surrounding the choir’s formation. Substantial coverage is given to the influence of Katharine M. Lucke, one of Baltimore’s grandes dames—as a composer, mover, and shakerand a vital force in Baltimore’s National Music Week from her position on the faculty of the Peabody Conservatory of Music. Subsequently the book focuses on the contributions of each of the ten conductor/music directors, the vicissitudes of funding a volunteer choir, the choir’s contributions to music education in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area, and the choir’s repertoire. The book contains extensive appendices describing the choir’s repertoire, its presidents, and its unbroken string of Messiah performances.

Throughout more than seventy-five years, the Handel Choir of Baltimore has remained true to its original charter as an amateur choral organization that aspires to the highest standards of artistic excellence.
A History of the Handel Choir of Baltimore is an invaluable resource to those interested in choral music studies, the running of an amateur, volunteer choir, and other disciplines of music studies.
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Lexington Books
Pages: 302Size: 6 x 9
978-0-7391-9933-6 • Hardback • October 2015 • $85.00 • (£54.95)
978-0-7391-9934-3 • eBook • October 2015 • $80.00 • (£52.95)
Carl B. Schmidt is professor emeritus of music history and culture at Towson University.
IllustrationsForeword by Melinda O’NealPrefaceAcknowledgmentsSigla and AbbreviationsI.Music in Baltimore in the Early 1930s: Katharine E. Lucke and the Founding of the
Handel Choir
II.A Quartet of Conductors: 1935-48
Roman Steiner (1935-37)
A. Lee Jones (1937-42)
W. Richard Weagly and George Kent Bellows (1942-48)
III.James Winship Lewis (1948-63)
IV.Saul Lilienstein (1963-71)
V.Ronald J. Gretz and Darrold V. Hunt (1971-77)
VI. T. Herbert Dimmock III (1977-2003)
The First Decade (1977-78—1986-87 Seasons)
The Second Decade (1987-88—1996-97 Seasons)
The Last Half-Decade Plus (1997-98—through the 2002-03 Season)
VII.The Handel Children’s Choir (2000-08): An Intermezzo
VIII.A Season of Transition (2003-04)
Elam Ray Sprenkle, T. Herbert Dimmock III, Frank Nemhauser, Thomas Hetrick
IX.Melinda O’Neal (2004-13)
I. Handel Choir Performance Venues
II. Handel Choir Performances of Handel’s
III. Partial List of Concerts Conducted by T. Herbert Dimmock III (1978-2003)
IV. Concerts Conducted by Guest Conductors (2003-04)
V. Partial List of Concerts Conducted or Prepared by Melinda
O’Neal (2004-13)
VI. Concerts by the Handel Children’s Choir (2000-08)
VII. Presidents of the Handel Choir Board of Trustees
[This book] should appeal to anyone interested in looking back on decades of cultural life in Baltimore.
Baltimore Sun