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Lau's Laws on Hitting

The Art of Hitting .400 for the Next Generation; Follow Lau's Laws and Improve Your Hitting!

Charley Lau Jr. - With Jeffrey Flanagan - Foreword by George Brett

After working as a minor league hitting instructor, Charley Lau Jr. began his quest to resolve the myths and misunderstandings on how to hit a baseball in the most effective way possible. This book not only includes the secret ingredients to building the most dynamic swing possible, but he shows, step-by-step, how to teach yourself or your students. « less more »
Taylor Trade Publishing
Pages: 222Size: 0 x 0
978-1-886110-95-3 • Paperback • May 2000 • $21.95 • (£14.95)
978-1-58979-672-0 • eBook • May 2000 • $9.99 • (£6.95)
The takeoff point in Mark McGwire's rise from inconsistent slugger to burgeoning legend occurred when he adopted Charley Lau's one-handed extension principle.
The Sporting News

Filled with outstanding tips to make yourself a better hitter whether you are playing baseball or fast pitched softball. Lau gives you a good look at the right (and wrong) way to swing the bat.

Over 150 photos, charts, and diagrams