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Not a Toy, but a Tool

An Educator’s Guide for Understanding and Using iPads

Carrie Thornthwaite

iPads are powerful tools for engaging students, encouraging creativity, stimulating critical thinking, and making significant strides in learning. This book is part of a two book set that will allow educators to realize the full potential of the iPad. Over 200 highly rated apps are covered with specific ideas for classroom activities and teaching strategies. Descriptions include ideas for using iPads in classrooms where each student owns an iPad, as well as where there is just a small number of iPads or even just a single device. The first chapter of this book supports the effectiveness of iPads, focusing on what the iPad is, why is should be used and how it can be used. Then two chapters are dedicated to apps that are valuable for all subject areas. The last three chapters focus on apps appropriate for use in the humanities classrooms. In consideration of education budgets, all the apps are free or low cost. The information in this book is appropriate for K12 teachers, university professors, media specialists, K12 administrators, parents and students. « less more »
R&L Education
Pages: 198Size: 6 1/2 x 9 1/4
978-1-4758-0939-8 • Hardback • February 2014 • $58.00 • (£39.95)
978-1-4758-0940-4 • Paperback • January 2014 • $28.00 • (£18.95)
978-1-4758-0941-1 • eBook • January 2014 • $26.00 • (£17.95)
Dr. Carrie Thornthwaite has served as a College of Education professor for 16 years at Lipscomb University, in Nashville, TN. Previously, she worked for 13 years as a high school physics and mathematics teacher in both private and public schools. Her passion has always been to use activities that promote discovery, engagement, understanding, and creativity in ways that enhance the learning experience of all students.

Chapter 1 - Turning a Toy into a Tool
What Exactly is an iPad?
Why Should Educators Want to Use iPads?
How Can an iPad be Used in the Classroom?
1-to-1 Initiatives
Classroom Set of iPads
Small Number of iPads
The iPad as a single device in the classroom
Reflections on Chapter 1
Chapter 2 – Apps & Techniques for All Subject Areas
Built-in Camera apps
Built-in Camera app
Photos Apps
Text of Photo
Presentation apps
Note taking
File sharing
Social Learning platforms
Reflections on Chapter 2

Chapter 3 – Apps & Techniques for All Subject Areas, Part 2

Quiz maker & Game apps
Enhance Learning with Audio
Audio Memo
Dragon Dictation
Video Conferencing
Annotating Shapes, Images & Videos
Presentation Assisting apps
iPrompt Pro
Teacher Tools
Teacher Kit
Free Professional Development
Khan Academy
iTunes U
Final Two – One for Fun and One Not
Common Core
Reflections on Chapter 3

Chapter 4 – Teaching Language Arts with the iPad

Apps and Lessons for Elementary Students (K-4)
Word Wall HD
Abby – Animals Phonics Island Adventure
Abby Pal Tracer – ABC Cursive HD
Spelling with Cimo – Lite
Booksy: Learn to Read Platform for K-2
Apps and Lessons for Middle School Students (5-8)
Dictionary.com Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPad
Free Books – 23,469 classics to go
My Grammar Lab Intermediate
Apps and Lessons for High School Students (9-12)
English Grammar
Vocabulary for GRE, SAT, ACT, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, ESL, English, Language, Education, Words, Word Power, Exercise
SwipeSpeare – Modern Shakespeare
Constitution and Federalist Papers
iDeas for Writing
Reflections on Chapter 4

Chapter 5 – Teaching Social Studies with the iPad
Apps and Lessons for Elementary Students (K-4)
Geomaster Plus US
Stack the States
Early Jamestown

Tiny Countries
Apps and Lessons for Middle School Students (5-8)
World Book – This Day in History
Lewis & Clark
TapQuiz Maps
The Revolution: Interactive Guide
History 3D: Civil War

Apps and Lessons for High School Students (9-12)
Timeline - U.S. History
National Archives DocsTeach
Google Earth
Flow of History
1st Ed Manual for the United States of America
Apps appropriate for the History class, but described elsewhere
Additional Highly Rated History Apps
Reflections on Chapter 5

Chapter 6 – Teaching Foreign Languages with the iPad
Apps for Teaching & Learning Spanish
Learn Spanish – MindSnack
Free Spanish English Dictionary
Apps for Teaching & Learning French
Learn French with busuu!
French FREE 24/7 Language Learning
Additional Highly Rated Apps for Teaching French
Apps for Teaching & Learning German
Learn German – Wie Geht’s
Die Der Das German Nouns Lite
Additional Highly Rated Apps for Teaching German
Apps for Teaching & Learning Latin
Latin +
Additional Highly Rated Apps for Teaching Latin
Apps for Teaching & Learning Chinese
Fun Chinese – Mandarin Chinese language learning for kids
Easy Chinese Writing - yi er san… I write
Additional Highly Rated Apps for Teaching Chinese
Apps for Teaching & Learning American Sign Language
Learn American Sign Language
Baby Sign and Learn
Additional Highly Rated Apps for Teaching ASL
Selection of Apps for other Languages
Apps appropriate For Foreign Language classroom, but described elsewhere
Reflections on Chapter 6

Dr. Carrie Thornthwaite has given an excellent introduction to the use of iPads. She approaches this process with the mindset of both a K-12 educator, which she was, as well as an education professor. All of the apps reviewed are very affordable and excellent resources for making education interesting and interactive. Dr. Thornthwaite has provided educators with an excellent set of recommendations.
Sammie Swor, professor at Belmont University, Nashville, TN, previous public school science teacher for 16 years and 20 years in high school administration

Busy classroom teachers have so many demands on them today! Keeping up with technology gets pushed down on the list of to-dos. This book provides valuable information for all levels of technology expertise. The apps reviewed in Chapter 2 and 3 are outstanding! Creating quizzes for the iPad meets so many needs: quick assessments, student feedback, student understanding after a discussion! Language arts teachers can find several apps in Chapter 4 to meet the needs of their students in writing, vocabulary, and analysis. I recognize several adaptations in the apps of activities I assigned to students on a daily basis. This author provides a needed tool teachers can use today. Many schools do not have a technology coach or facilitator on staff to recommend appropriate apps. This book meets that need.
Martell Souder, Ed.D., Middle School Teacher of the Year for middle Tennessee, Team leader for Donelson and Madison Middle Schools, adjunct faculty member for Trevecca College, Nashville, TN

My goodness! What a JOY it was reading this book! It opened me up to lots of new ideas! As a foreign language teacher, I particularly liked Chapter 6, which bears relevance, not only to the everyday foreign language classroom teacher, but also to anyone interested in learning more about language. The author provides an in-depth glance into what each of the (reviewed) apps specifically offers the user. The collection of ideas provided by the author provides the catalyst of a great book!
Martha Ann Hawkins, middle and high school Spanish teacher at Lipscomb Academy, Nashville, TN

This book provides educators with a wide variety of available resources to enhance their classroom instruction when using iPads. The author has broken the book into sections that helps teachers easily access apps that are appropriate and specific to their instructional needs. As a reading specialist, I am always looking for high-quality apps that can be used to help students reach their highest reading potential. The organization of the book allows me to easily find the apps that I need for my students. The research that has already been done by the author will help me manage my time when using iPads in the classroom. I’ve been using iPads for a couple years, but now, with this information, I can integrate iPads more effectively into my classroom instruction.
Laurie Love, reading specialist at Columbia Academy, Columbia, TN

As a high school history teacher, I find this an extremely valuable book! As a Geography/History teacher, I particularly liked the apps in Chapter 5. Some of the apps provide primary sources, which is important in implementing Common Core. The other apps have given me innumerable ideas for lessons that I can use in my classes. I highly recommend this book for use by any classroom teacher.
Amanda Elmore, Hendersonville High School, Sumner Country, TN

Talk about iPads, this book itself is a learning tool that can be accessed by students, parents, and teachers alike! Students can be encouraged to reinforce their classroom learning simply by using the apps that are discussed here. Teachers will be released from hours of searching for appropriate learning tools to enrich or remediate their lessons. Parents will be able to choose apps that correlate with their child's academic curriculum. Students will gladly reinforce their studies because using the iPad does not seem like work. As a former teacher and a current mentor of novice and pre-service teachers, I applaud Dr. Thornthwaite's research!
Bonnie S. Barker, M.Ed., Tennessee Academic Specialist, adjunct professor and former high school Mathematics and English teacher

The author is obviously very educated and knowledgeable about iPads. As a kindergarten teacher, I found many of the apps in the elementary sections to be very helpful. I downloaded some and my kids love them! I have been using iPads in my classroom daily to assist me with enforcing and mastering skills that we are learning every day. It is great to have this book as a resource for broadening the activities that I’ve been using. The apps allow me to adapt my instruction to the many different learning needs of my students. With the help of this book, I have been able to teach and reach students that otherwise were having difficulty grasping and understanding new skills. With many of the apps, I’ve been able to break the skills down in a fun game type way of learning.
Shelley Hatfield Cash, Kindergarten teacher, Robbins Elementary School, Scott County, Robbins, TN