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Texas Trees

J. Howard Garrett

Knowing when and how to plant a tree are crucial to its survival. But if you select the wrong tree for your particular area and conditions, the proper planting techniques will not make a difference. Because Texas is a big place with varied climates, soils, and water qualities, a wide variety of trees can be grown there. Howard Garrett, also known as the "Dirt Doctor," explores the wide-ranging possibilities in a book that will prove its value to homeowners, landscape architects, contractors, nurseries, gardeners, and others who want healthy trees.
Texas Trees includes a complete description of native and best-introduced trees and gives details on natural habitats and preferred sites, planting and maintenance, identification information, flowers, fruit and foliage, culture, problems, and propagation. Texas Trees is for all Texas tree lovers, from the Red River to the Gulf Coast, the piney woods to the deserts and mountains.
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Taylor Trade Publishing
Pages: 252
978-0-89123-076-2 • Hardback • October 2002 • $34.95 • (£23.95)
978-1-4616-3600-7 • eBook • October 2002 • $14.99 • (£9.95)
Howard Garrett, the author of 12 books, writes a weekly gardening column for the Dallas Morning News and hosts a radio talk show called "The Natural Way" in Dallas, Texas, where he lives.
The book is full of practical information, like how to plant trees properly and how to protect and maintain them. This is a beautiful, as well as practical, book on Texas trees.
Glenn Dromgoole; Abilene Reporter-News (Texas)

Everything you need to know to identify over 100 varieties of Texas trees is here in this one source- along with easy easy-to-follow directions for selecting, planting, and maintaining your trees.
Tg Press- Texas Garden.Com

... Texas Trees is the perfect resource for all Texas tree lovers.
Austin Home and Living