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Shakespearean Educations

Power, Citizenship, and Performance

Edited by Coppélia Kahn; Heather S. Nathans and Mimi Godfrey - Contributions by Denise Albanese

Shakespearean Educations examines how and why Shakespeare's works shaped the development of American education from the colonial period through the 1934 Chicago World's Fair, taking the reader up to the years before the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 (popularly known as the GI Bill), coeducation, and a nascent civil rights movement would alter the educational landscape yet again. The essays in this collection query the nature of education, the nature of citizenship in a democracy, and the roles of literature, elocution, theater, and performance in both. Expanding the notion of "education" beyond the classroom to literary clubs, private salons, public lectures, libraries, primers, and theatrical performance, this collection challenges scholars to consider how different groups in our society have adopted Shakespeare as part of a specifically "American" education. Shakespearean Educations maps the ways in which former slaves, Puritan ministers, university leaders, and working class theatergoers used Shakespeare not only to educate themselves about literature and culture, but also to educate others about their own experience. « less more »
University Press Copublishing Division / University of Delaware Press
Pages: 327Size: 6 1/2 x 9 1/2
978-1-61149-028-2 • Hardback • February 2011 • $95.00 • (£65.00)
978-1-61149-029-9 • eBook • February 2011 • $90.00 • (£60.00)
Coppélia Kahn is professor of English at Brown University. She was president of the Shakespeare Association of America in 2008?9.
Heather S. Nathans is associate professor of theatre, associate chair of theatre, and an acting associate dean for the College of Arts and Humanities at the University of Maryland.
Mimi Godfrey is managing editor of Shakespeare Quarterly, published by the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC.
1 List of Illustrations
2 Acknowledgments
3 Introduction
Part 4 Part I. Educating Citizens
Chapter 5 Instruction and English Refinement in America: Shakespeare, Antitheatricality, and Early Modern Reading
6 "A course of learning and ingenious studies": Shakespearean Education and Theater in Antebellum America
Part 7 Part II. Moral and Practical Educations
8 Lay on, McGuffey: Excerpting Shakespeare in Nineteenth-Century Schoolbooks
9 Shakespeare in American Rhetorical Education, 1870-1920
10 Part III. Ivy-Covered Curriculum, 1870-1920
11 Shakespeare in the College Curriculum, 1870-1920
12 Canons before Canons: College Entrance Requirements and the Making of a National-Educational Shakespeare
13 The Works of Wm Shakespeare as They Have Been Sundry Times Professed in Harvard College
14 Poet of America: Charles Mills Gayley's Anglo-Saxon Shakespeare
15 Part IV. Back to the Future
16 Shakespeare Visits the Hilltop: Classical Drama and the Howard College Dramatic Club
17 Outdistancing the Past: Shakespeare and American Education at the 1934 Chicago World's Fair
18 Afterword
19 Bibliography
20 Index