Sheila M. Morovati

Sheila M. Morovati is the founder and president of two non-profit organizations: Crayon Collection and Habits of Waste. She has fostered systemic change by targeting major corporations, giving everyday individuals the power to make better choices for the planet and inspiring meaningful activism. She was invited by the World Economic Forum to participate in their platforms “Nutrition Disruptors” and “Consumers for Climate Action,” for which her work was published. Sheila has been featured in People Magazine, LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, BUZZFEED, ATTN: Media, Forbes, HuffPost, Bloomberg Radio, and various regional broadcasts. She has been seen on national television shows such as The Kelly Clarkson Show and CBS Sunday Morning. Sheila was born in Tehran, Iran, and now lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and two children.

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