Jim Hinkson
Jim Hinkson has been a teacher and basketball coach for 38 years in the Toronto District School Board. He has been involved in lacrosse for forty years as a player, a coach, and an author. Hinkson played lacrosse professionally for the National Lacrosse League (NLL) and played for Canada in the World Field Lacrosse Championship. He has not only coached at every level in lacrosse—from junior up to professional—he also ran one of the most successful high school basketball programs in Toronto. Hinkson is the author of Box Lacrosse (1974), Lacrosse Fundamentals (1993/2006), Lacrosse Team Strategies (1996/2006), The Art of Team Coaching (2001), Lacrosse for Dummies (2003/2009), and another book titled Lacrosse Fundamentals (2012). He has been inducted into the Oshawa Hall of Fame, the Whitby Hall of Fame, and the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.