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Historical Dictionary of Nietzscheanism, Third Edition
978-0-8108-8031-3 (December 2013)
By Carol DietheScarecrow Press
Child Abuse, Family Rights, and the Child Protective System: A Critical Analysis from Law, Ethics, and Catholic Social Teaching
978-0-8108-8669-8 (July 2013)
By Stephen M. KrasonScarecrow Press
Modern Just War Theory: A Guide to Research
978-0-8108-8344-4 (June 2013)
By Michael FarrellScarecrow Press
The Beatles and McLuhan: Understanding the Electric Age
978-0-8108-8432-8 (October 2012)
By Thomas MacFarlaneScarecrow Press
Avant Garde: An American Odyssey from Gertrude Stein to Pierre Boulez
978-0-8108-8312-3 (March 2012)
By Robin MaconieScarecrow Press
Historical Dictionary of Hobbes's Philosophy
978-0-8108-5065-1 (December 2011)
By Juhana LemettiScarecrow Press
Historical Dictionary of Metaphysics
978-0-8108-5950-0 (December 2010)
By Gary Rosenkrantz and Joshua HoffmanScarecrow Press
Historical Dictionary of Surrealism
978-0-8108-7499-2 (September 2010)
By Keith AspleyScarecrow Press
Historical Dictionary of Heidegger's Philosophy, Second Edition
978-0-8108-5963-0 (August 2010)
By Frank Schalow and Alfred DenkerScarecrow Press
Musicologia: Musical Knowledge from Plato to John Cage
978-0-8108-7696-5 (July 2010)
By Robin MaconieScarecrow Press
Bioethics, Law, and Human Life Issues: A Catholic Perspective on Marriage, Family, Contraception, Abortion, Reproductive Technology, and Death and Dying
978-0-8108-7422-0 (June 2010)
By D. Brian ScarnecchiaScarecrow Press
The A to Z of Aesthetics
978-0-8108-7581-4 (April 2010)
By Dabney TownsendScarecrow Press
The A to Z of Bertrand Russell's Philosophy
978-0-8108-7586-9 (April 2010)
By Rosalind Carey and John OngleyScarecrow Press
The A to Z of Descartes and Cartesian Philosophy
978-0-8108-7582-1 (April 2010)
By Roger Ariew; Dennis Des Chene; Douglas M. Jesseph; Tad M. Schmaltz and Theo VerbeekScarecrow Press
The A to Z of Existentialism
978-0-8108-7589-0 (April 2010)
By Stephen MichelmanScarecrow Press
The A to Z of Hume's Philosophy
978-0-8108-7592-0 (April 2010)
By Kenneth R. MerrillScarecrow Press
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