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Bruce Springsteen: American Poet and Prophet
978-0-8108-8427-4 (December 2013)
By Donald L. Deardorff IIScarecrow Press
Drum Kit Secrets: 52 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Drummer
978-0-8108-8695-7 (December 2013)
By Matt DeanScarecrow Press
Experiencing Verdi: A Listener's Companion
978-0-8108-8467-0 (December 2013)
By Donald SandersScarecrow Press
Opera at the Bandstand: Then and Now
978-0-8108-8853-1 (December 2013)
By George W. MartinScarecrow Press
The Mélodies of Francis Poulenc: A Study Guide
978-0-8108-8415-1 (December 2013)
By Alissa Deeter and Robert PeavlerScarecrow Press
Korean P'ansori Singing Tradition: Development, Authenticity, and Performance History
978-0-8108-8461-8 (November 2013)
By Yeonok JangScarecrow Press
Women Music Educators in the United States: A History
978-0-8108-8848-7 (November 2013)
By Sondra Wieland HoweScarecrow Press
Composing for the Cinema: The Theory and Praxis of Music in Film
978-0-8108-9240-8 (October 2013)
By Ennio Morricone and Sergio Miceli - Translated by Gillian B. AndersonScarecrow Press
Cuban Flute Style: Interpretation and Improvisation
978-0-8108-8441-0 (October 2013)
By Sue MillerScarecrow Press
Dictionary of Music Education
978-0-8108-8651-3 (October 2013)
By Irma H. CollinsScarecrow Press
Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings, 2 Volumes
978-0-8108-8295-9 (October 2013)
By Steve SullivanScarecrow Press
Experiencing Jazz: A Listener's Companion
978-0-8108-8289-8 (October 2013)
By Michael StephansScarecrow Press
Historical Dictionary of Romantic Music
978-0-8108-7230-1 (October 2013)
By John Michael Cooper - Assisted by Randy KinnettScarecrow Press
Oboe Secrets: 75 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Oboist and English Horn Player
978-0-8108-8621-6 (October 2013)
By Jacqueline LeclairScarecrow Press
Orchestral "Pops" Music: A Handbook, Second Edition
978-0-8108-8422-9 (October 2013)
By Lucy ManningScarecrow Press
The Opera Manual
978-0-8108-8868-5 (October 2013)
By Nicholas Ivor MartinScarecrow Press
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