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The Twilight Saga: Exploring the Global Phenomenon
978-0-8108-9285-9 (December 2013)
Edited by Claudia BucciferroScarecrow Press
Fifty Years of Hemingway Criticism
978-0-8108-9283-5 (November 2013)
By Peter L. HaysScarecrow Press
Street Lit: Representing the Urban Landscape
978-0-8108-9262-0 (November 2013)
Edited by Keenan Norris - Foreword by Omar TyreeScarecrow Press
Lord Dunsany, H.P. Lovecraft, and Ray Bradbury: Spectral Journeys
978-0-8108-9219-4 (October 2013)
By William F. TouponceScarecrow Press
Examining Lois Lane: The Scoop on Superman's Sweetheart
978-0-8108-9237-8 (September 2013)
Edited by Nadine FarghalyScarecrow Press
Soccer in Spain: Politics, Literature, and Film
978-0-8108-9173-9 (September 2013)
By Timothy J. AshtonScarecrow Press
The Jane Addams Children's Book Award: Honoring Children's Literature for Peace and Social Justice since 1953
978-0-8108-9202-6 (September 2013)
By Susan C. GriffithScarecrow Press
Enter the Superheroes: American Values, Culture, and the Canon of Superhero Literature
978-0-8108-9171-5 (June 2013)
By Alex S. Romagnoli and Gian S. PagnucciScarecrow Press
Lovecraft and Influence: His Predecessors and Successors
978-0-8108-9115-9 (May 2013)
Edited by Robert H. WaughScarecrow Press
Literary Research and the British Eighteenth Century: Strategies and Sources
978-0-8108-8795-4 (February 2013)
By Peggy Keeran and Jennifer BowersScarecrow Press
Historical Dictionary of French Literature
978-0-8108-6778-9 (January 2013)
By John FlowerScarecrow Press
Historical Dictionary of Gothic Literature
978-0-8108-7228-8 (December 2012)
By William HughesScarecrow Press
Historical Dictionary of Russian Literature
978-0-8108-7182-3 (December 2012)
By Jonathan StoneScarecrow Press
In Darkest London: The Gothic Cityscape in Victorian Literature
978-0-8108-8778-7 (December 2012)
By Jamieson RidenhourScarecrow Press
Girls and Their Comics: Finding a Female Voice in Comic Book Narrative
978-0-8108-8375-8 (November 2012)
By Jacqueline Danziger-RussellScarecrow Press
The Gay Male Sleuth in Print and Film: A History and Annotated Bibliography, New Edition
978-0-8108-8588-2 (November 2012)
By Drewey Wayne GunnScarecrow Press
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