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Educational Policy & Reform
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Burning Cash: How Costly Public School Failures have Charred the American Dream
978-1-61048-527-2 (March 2014)
By Justin A. CollinsR&L Education
Republic of Noise: The Loss of Solitude in Schools and Culture
978-1-61048-412-1 (March 2014)
By Diana SenechalR&L Education
The Pitfalls of Reform: Its Incompatibility with Actual Improvement
978-1-61048-922-5 (December 2013)
By John TannerR&L Education
Education Disrupted: Strategies for Saving Our Failing Schools
978-1-4758-0060-9 (November 2013)
By Les Stein; Alex Stein and Jessica SteinR&L Education
Rebuilding Schools for Students: Let the Change Begin
978-1-4758-0150-7 (November 2013)
By Darlene LeidingR&L Education
Education Under Siege: Frauds, Fads, Fantasies and Fictions in Educational Reform
978-1-4758-0307-5 (October 2013)
By Arthur ShapiroR&L Education
Blueprint for School System Transformation: A Vision for Comprehensive Reform in Milwaukee and Beyond
978-1-4758-0469-0 (September 2013)
By Frederick Hess and Carolyn Sattin-BajajR&L Education
Reality and Education: A New Direction for Educational Policy
978-1-4758-0514-7 (September 2013)
By Daniel WentlandR&L Education
Being Fair with Kids: The Effects of Poor Leadership in Rule Making
978-1-61048-938-6 (July 2013)
By Jim DueckR&L Education
Consensus: Education Reform Is Possible
978-1-61048-839-6 (July 2013)
By William HayesR&L Education
Misguided Education Reform: Debating the Impact on Students
978-1-4758-0356-3 (July 2013)
By Nancy E. BaileyR&L Education
Reinventing Schools: It’s Time to Break the Mold
978-1-4758-0239-9 (July 2013)
By Charles M. Reigeluth and Jennifer R. KarnoppR&L Education
The Aptitude Myth: How an Ancient Belief Came to Undermine Children’s Learning Today
978-1-4758-0436-2 (June 2013)
By Cornelius GroveR&L Education
Democracies Always in the Making: Historical and Current Philosophical Issues for Education
978-1-61048-928-7 (April 2013)
By Barbara J. Thayer-BaconR&L Education
Religion in the Public Schools: Negotiating the New Commons
978-1-4758-0161-3 (April 2013)
Edited by Michael D. WaggonerR&L Education
Roll Call for Reform: Working Toward Making a Difference in Schools
978-1-61048-065-9 (April 2013)
By Amanda M. Rudolph - Foreword by Ann Nutter CoffmanR&L Education
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