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Social Work
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Creating Effective Groups: The Art of Small Group Communication, Third Edition
978-1-4422-2249-6 (September 2013)
By Randy FujishinRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Inside Out and Outside In: Psychodynamic Clinical Theory and Psychopathology in Contemporary Multicultural Contexts, 3rd Edition
978-1-4422-0850-6 (July 2011)
Edited by Joan Berzoff; Laura Melano Flanagan and Patricia Hertz - Contributions by Kathryn Basham; Nina Heller...Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Human Behavior in a Just World: Reaching for Common Ground
978-1-4422-0290-0 (September 2010)
By Rosemary J. Link and Chathapuram S. RamanathanRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Health and Health Care in the Nation's Prisons: Issues, Challenges, and Policies
978-0-7425-6300-1 (December 2008)
By Melvin Delgado and Denise Humm-DelgadoRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Older Adult-Led Health Promotion in Urban Communities: Models and Interventions
978-0-7425-6887-7 (December 2008)
By Melvin DelgadoRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Poverty and Power: The Problem of Structural Inequality
978-0-7425-6443-5 (December 2008)
By Edward RoyceRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Youth-Led Health Promotion in Urban Communities: A Community Capacity-Enrichment Perspective
978-0-7425-6113-7 (February 2008)
By Melvin Delgado and Huiquan ZhouRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Inside Out and Outside In: Psychodynamic Clinical Theory, Practice, and Psychopathology in Multicultural Contexts, 2nd Edition
978-0-7657-0432-0 (November 2007)
By Joan Berzoff; Laura Melano Flanagan and Patricia Hertz - Contributions by Kathryn Basham; Laura Melano Flana...Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Adoption in a Color-Blind Society
978-0-7425-5941-7 (August 2007)
By Pamela Anne QuirozRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Social Work and Service Learning: Partnerships for Social Justice
978-0-7425-5945-5 (July 2007)
Edited by Meryl Nadel; Virginia Majewski and Marilyn Sullivan-Cosetti - Contributions by Sharlene Furuto; Amy P...Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Collaborations for Social Justice: Professionals, Publics, and Policy Change
978-0-7425-5931-8 (June 2007)
Edited by Andrew L. BarlowRowman & Littlefield Publishers
The Human Experience: Description, Explanation and Judgment
978-1-4616-0537-9 (February 2007)
By Elizabeth DePoy and Stephen GilsonRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Urban Action Networks: HIV/AIDS and Community Organizing in New York City
978-0-7425-4083-5 (December 2006)
By Howard LuneRowman & Littlefield Publishers
The Poorhouse: America's Forgotten Institution
978-0-7425-2944-1 (January 2005)
By David WagnerRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Labor and Capital in the Age of Globalization: The Labor Process and the Changing Nature of Work in the Global Economy
978-0-7425-1661-8 (December 2001)
Edited by Berch Berberoglu - Contributions by Marina A. Adler; Cyrus Bina; Chuck Davis; Julia D. Fox; David Gar...Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Reaching Out to Children and Families: Students Model Effective Community Service
978-0-8476-9116-6 (November 2000)
By Michelle R. DunlapRowman & Littlefield Publishers
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