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Black Women of the Harlem Renaissance Era
978-0-8108-8542-4 (September 2014)
Edited by Lean'tin L. Bracks and Jessie Carney SmithRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Cultural Encyclopedia of the Breast
978-0-7591-2331-1 (September 2014)
Edited by Merril D. SmithRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Is My Husband Gay, Straight, or Bi?: A Guide for Women Concerned about Their Men
978-1-4422-2325-7 (September 2014)
By Joe Kort - With Alexander P. MorganRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Smart Chicks on Screen: Representing Women's Intellect in Film and Television
978-1-4422-3747-6 (September 2014)
Edited by Laura Mattoon D'AmoreRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Subaltern China: Rural Migrants, Media, and Cultural Practices
978-1-4422-3677-6 (September 2014)
By Wanning SunRowman & Littlefield Publishers
A History of Women's Boxing
978-1-4422-2995-2 (July 2014)
By Malissa SmithRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Class, Race, Gender, and Crime: The Social Realities of Justice in America, Fourth Edition
978-1-4422-2072-0 (July 2014)
By Gregg Barak; Paul Leighton and Allison CottonRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Heroines of Film and Television: Portrayals in Popular Culture
978-1-4422-3149-8 (April 2014)
Edited by Norma Jones; Maja Bajac-Carter and Bob Batchelor - Contributions by Suzy D’Enbeau; Patrice M. Buzzane...Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Same-Sex Marriage in the United States: The Road to the Supreme Court and Beyond, Updated Edition
978-1-4422-1205-3 (April 2014)
By Jason PiercesonRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Women Drummers: A History from Rock and Jazz to Blues and Country
978-0-8108-8835-7 (April 2014)
By Angela SmithRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Women in War Films: From Helpless Heroine to G.I. Jane
978-1-4422-3446-8 (April 2014)
By Ralph Donald and Karen MacDonaldRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Heroines of Comic Books and Literature: Portrayals in Popular Culture
978-1-4422-3147-4 (March 2014)
Edited by Maja Bajac-Carter; Norma Jones and Bob Batchelor - Contributions by Sandra J. Lindow; Tricia Clasen; ...Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Home Sweat Home: Perspectives on Housework and Modern Relationships
978-1-4422-2969-3 (January 2014)
Edited by Elizabeth Patton and Mimi ChoiRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Professor Mommy: Finding Work-Family Balance in Academia
978-1-4422-0859-9 (January 2014)
By Kristen Ghodsee and Rachel ConnellyRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Champions for Peace: Women Winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, Second Edition
978-1-4422-2151-2 (December 2013)
By Judith Hicks StiehmRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Women Navigating Globalization: Feminist Approaches to Development
978-1-4422-2576-3 (November 2013)
By Jana Everett and Sue Ellen M. CharltonRowman & Littlefield Publishers
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