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History, American
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John Colter: The Incredible Story of the Man and the Legend
978-1-4422-2601-2 (October 2014)
By Ronald M. Anglin and Larry E. MorrisRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Jubal Early: Robert E. Lee's Bad Old Man
978-0-8108-8913-2 (October 2014)
By Benjamin Franklin Cooling IIIRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Black Women of the Harlem Renaissance Era
978-0-8108-8542-4 (September 2014)
Edited by Lean'tin L. Bracks and Jessie Carney SmithRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Hollywood and the End of the Cold War: Signs of Cinematic Change
978-1-4422-3793-3 (September 2014)
By Bryn UptonRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Life and Death in the Garden: Sex, Drugs, Cops, and Robbers in Wartime China
978-1-4422-2352-3 (September 2014)
By Kathryn MeyerRowman & Littlefield Publishers
John Singer Sargent and His Muse: Painting Love and Loss
978-1-4422-3050-7 (August 2014)
By Karen Corsano and Daniel Williman - Foreword by Richard OrmondRowman & Littlefield Publishers
The Civil Rights Act and the Battle to End Workplace Discrimination: A 50 Year History
978-1-4422-3722-3 (August 2014)
By Raymond F. GregoryRowman & Littlefield Publishers
The Creole Affair: The Slave Rebellion that Led the U.S. and Great Britain to the Brink of War
978-1-4422-3661-5 (August 2014)
By Arthur T. DowneyRowman & Littlefield Publishers
The Perilous West: Seven Amazing Explorers and the Founding of the Oregon Trail
978-1-4422-1113-1 (August 2014)
By Larry E. MorrisRowman & Littlefield Publishers
A Contemporary Cuba Reader: The Revolution under Raúl Castro, Second Edition
978-1-4422-3098-9 (July 2014)
Edited by Philip Brenner; Marguerite Rose Jiménez; John M. Kirk and William M. LeoGrandeRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Aboriginal and Visible Minority Librarians: Oral Histories from Canada
978-1-4422-3681-3 (July 2014)
Edited by Deborah Lee and Mahalakshmi KumaranRowman & Littlefield Publishers
JFK and His Enemies: A Portrait of Power
978-1-4422-1374-6 (July 2014)
By Thomas J. WhalenRowman & Littlefield Publishers
The 1928 New York Yankees: The Return of Murderers' Row
978-1-4422-3598-4 (July 2014)
By Charlie GentileRowman & Littlefield Publishers
The First World War: A Concise Global History, Second Edition
978-1-4422-2681-4 (June 2014)
By William Kelleher StoreyRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Historical Dictionary of the Barack Obama Administration
978-1-4422-3216-7 (May 2014)
By Michael J. Pomante II and Scot SchraufnagelRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Historical Dictionary of the Civil Rights Movement, Second Edition
978-0-8108-6064-3 (May 2014)
By Christopher M. Richardson and Ralph E. LukerRowman & Littlefield Publishers
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