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Exploring Everyday Life: Strategies for Ethnography and Cultural Analysis
978-0-7591-2406-6 (August 2015)
By Billy Ehn; Orvar Löfgren and Richard WilkRowman & Littlefield Publishers
The Trivia Lover's Guide to Even More of the World: Geography for the Global Generation
978-1-4422-3566-3 (June 2015)
By Gary FullerRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Geopolitics: The Geography of International Relations, Third Edition
978-1-4422-2349-3 (December 2014)
By Saul Bernard CohenRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Atlas of the 2012 Elections
978-1-4422-2583-1 (September 2014)
Edited by J. Clark Archer; Fiona Davidson; Erin H. Fouberg; Kenneth C. Martis; Richard L. Morrill; Fred M. Shelley; Ro...Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Understanding Belarus and How Western Foreign Policy Misses the Mark
978-1-4422-4212-8 (August 2014)
By Grigory IoffeRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Victims of Progress, Sixth Edition
978-1-4422-2692-0 (August 2014)
By John H. BodleyRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Globalization and Urbanization: The Global Urban Ecosystem
978-1-4422-1474-3 (June 2014)
By James H. SpencerRowman & Littlefield Publishers
America's Public Lands: From Yellowstone to Smokey Bear and Beyond
978-1-4422-0797-4 (April 2014)
By Randall K. WilsonRowman & Littlefield Publishers
North American Odyssey: Historical Geographies for the Twenty-first Century
978-1-4422-1585-6 (March 2014)
Edited by Craig E. Colten and Geoffrey L. BuckleyRowman & Littlefield Publishers
The European Culture Area: A Systematic Geography, Sixth Edition
978-1-4422-2345-5 (March 2014)
By Alexander B. Murphy; Terry G. Jordan-Bychkov and Bella Bychkova JordanRowman & Littlefield Publishers
When the Earth Roars: Lessons from the History of Earthquakes in Japan
978-1-4422-2009-6 (March 2014)
By Gregory SmitsRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Cities of North America: Contemporary Challenges in U.S. and Canadian Cities
978-1-4422-1313-5 (December 2013)
Edited by Lisa Benton-ShortRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Population Geography: Tools and Issues, Second Edition
978-1-4422-2098-0 (December 2013)
By K. Bruce NewboldRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Globalization and the Environment
978-0-7425-5659-1 (August 2013)
By Peter Christoff and Robyn EckersleyRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Encountering Gorillas: A Chronicle of Discovery, Exploitation, Understanding, and Survival
978-1-4422-1957-1 (July 2013)
By James L. NewmanRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Global Information Society: Technology, Knowledge, and Mobility
978-0-7425-5693-5 (April 2013)
By Mark I. Wilson; Aharon Kellerman and Kenneth E. CoreyRowman & Littlefield Publishers
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