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Criminal Justice
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Eating Dangerously: Why the Government Can't Keep Your Food Safe ... and How You Can
978-1-4422-4866-3 (September 2015)
By Michael Booth and Jennifer BrownRowman & Littlefield Publishers
International Human Rights Law: Returning to Universal Principles, Second Edition
978-1-4422-4909-7 (August 2015)
By Mark GibneyRowman & Littlefield Publishers
American Swastika: Inside the White Power Movement's Hidden Spaces of Hate, Second Edition
978-1-4422-4136-7 (July 2015)
By Pete Simi and Robert FutrellRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Assassinations, Threats, and the American Presidency: From Andrew Jackson to Barack Obama
978-1-4422-3121-4 (July 2015)
By Ronald L. FeinmanRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Fanaticus: Mischief and Madness in the Modern Sports Fan
978-1-4422-2892-4 (June 2015)
By Justine GubarRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Privacy in the Age of Big Data: Recognizing Threats, Defending Your Rights, and Protecting Your Family
978-1-4422-4257-9 (April 2015)
By Theresa Payton and Ted Claypoole - Foreword by Hon. Howard A. SchmidtRowman & Littlefield Publishers
The Legal Guide for Museum Professionals
978-1-4422-3041-5 (April 2015)
Edited by Julia CourtneyRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Teen Gambling: Understanding a Growing Epidemic
978-1-4422-0227-6 (March 2015)
By Jeffrey L. DerevenskyRowman & Littlefield Publishers
School Shooters: Understanding High School, College, and Adult Perpetrators
978-1-4422-3357-7 (January 2015)
By Peter LangmanRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Your Baby's Best Shot: Why Vaccines Are Safe and Save Lives
978-1-4422-1579-5 (January 2015)
By Stacy Mintzer Herlihy and E. Allison Hagood - Foreword by Paul A. Offit M.D.Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Collaboration in Private Practice: Psychotherapy in the Midst of Health Care Reform
978-1-4422-4416-0 (December 2014)
By Hava MendelbergRowman & Littlefield Publishers
The Truth About Big Medicine: Righting the Wrongs for Better Health Care
978-1-4422-3161-0 (December 2014)
Edited by Cheryl L. Brown and John T. James - Contributions by Rosemary Gibson; Robert E. Oshel; Yanling Yu; Ge...Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
The Death Penalty: What's Keeping It Alive
978-1-4422-3267-9 (November 2014)
By Andrea D. LyonRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Whitewashing the South: White Memories of Segregation and Civil Rights
978-1-4422-3925-8 (October 2014)
By Kristen M. LavelleRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Class, Race, Gender, and Crime: The Social Realities of Justice in America, Fourth Edition
978-1-4422-2072-0 (July 2014)
By Gregg Barak; Paul Leighton and Allison CottonRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Double Standard: Social Policy in Europe and the United States, Third Edition
978-1-4422-3024-8 (June 2014)
By James W. RussellRowman & Littlefield Publishers
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