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African Studies
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Historical Dictionary of Kenya, Third Edition
978-0-8108-7469-5 (September 2014)
By Robert M. Maxon and Thomas P. OfcanskyRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Is Israel Apartheid?: Reporting the Facts on Israel and South Africa
978-1-4422-2683-8 (July 2014)
By Benjamin Pogrund - Foreword by Sir Harold EvansRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Historical Dictionary of Libya, Fifth Edition
978-0-8108-7876-1 (June 2014)
By Ronald Bruce St JohnRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Historical Dictionary of Ghana, Fourth Edition
978-0-8108-7242-4 (February 2014)
By David Owusu-AnsahRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Perspectives on Western Sahara: Myths, Nationalisms, and Geopolitics
978-1-4422-2685-2 (December 2013)
Edited by Anouar Boukhars and Jacques RoussellierRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry
978-1-4422-1442-2 (October 2013)
Edited by Robert W. Thurston; Jonathan Morris and Shawn SteimanRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Building Police Institutions in Fragile States: Case Studies from Africa
978-1-4422-2437-7 (June 2013)
By Richard DownieCenter for Strategic & International Studies
Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink, Updated Edition
978-1-4422-2156-7 (June 2013)
By John CampbellRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Trade and Tribulations: An Evaluation of Trade Barriers to the Adoption of Genetically Modified Crops in the East African Community
978-1-4422-2476-6 (May 2013)
By John Komen and David WafulaCenter for Strategic & International Studies
Then We'll Sing a New Song: African Influences on America's Religious Landscape
978-1-4422-0879-7 (May 2012)
By Mary Ann ClarkRowman & Littlefield Publishers
The Human Tradition in Modern Africa
978-1-4422-1383-8 (November 2011)
Edited by Dennis D. CordellRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink
978-1-4422-0689-2 (December 2010)
By John CampbellRowman & Littlefield Publishers
The Human Tradition in the Black Atlantic, 1500–2000
978-0-7425-6729-0 (November 2009)
Edited by Beatriz G. Mamigonian and Karen RacineRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Through African Eyes: Culture and Society: Continuity and Change, Volume 2
978-0-938960-28-7 (January 2000)
By Leon E. ClarkApex
Through African Eyes: The Past, The Road to Independence, Volume 1
978-0-938960-44-7 (June 1991)
By Leon E. ClarkApex
Africa: Her History, Lands and People, Told with Pictures
978-0-8154-0258-9 (June 1962)
By John A. WilliamsRowman & Littlefield Publishers
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