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Philosophical Practice
The last decades have witnessed a renewed interest in the power of philosophy to address everyday problems, on both an individual and a social scale. The outcome has been a theoretical and practical field called “philosophical practice,” an original approach that highlights the timely and perennial need for philosophy. This series aims to bring to the academic public the best reflections that bear on the relation of philosophy to everyday life and to the contemporary world, as grounded in experience or arguments or both. It honors the founders of this innovative field while calling for new ways of empowering philosophy by demonstrating its relevance to individual and social concerns both inside and outside academia. It thus hopes to strengthen philosophy by bringing its potency to the attention of philosophers and scholars from other disciplines, as well as to students and the general public.

Series editor Lydia Amir invites seasoned and younger scholars alike, informed by any philosophic tradition, to submit original monographs, edited collections, and revised dissertations that bridge the gap between philosophy and its history, on the one hand, and life problems, on the other.

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