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The Year Yellowstone Burned: A Twenty-Five Year Perspective
978-1-58979-903-5 (January 2015)
By Jeff HenryTaylor Trade Publishing
British Invasion: The Cross Currents of Musical Influence
978-0-8108-8626-1 (November 2014)
By Simon PhiloRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Forgotten Heroes of World War II: Personal Accounts of Ordinary Soldiers—Land, Sea, and Air, Second Edition
978-1-58979-963-9 (November 2014)
By Thomas E. SimmonsTaylor Trade Publishing
It Happened on Broadway: An Oral History of the Great White Way, Reprint Edition of the Classic
978-1-58979-916-5 (November 2014)
By Myrna Katz Frommer and Harvey FrommerTaylor Trade Publishing
The Tattooed Lady: A History, Second Edition
978-1-58979-996-7 (November 2014)
By Amelia Klem OsterudTaylor Trade Publishing
Conquering the Electron: The Geniuses, Visionaries, Egomaniacs, and Scoundrels Who Built Our Electronic Age
978-1-4422-3153-5 (October 2014)
By Derek Cheung and Eric BrachRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Contemporary China: From Mao to Capitalism
978-1-4422-2537-4 (October 2014)
By François GodementRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Contested Continent: Europe in the Cold War
978-1-4422-1984-7 (October 2014)
By Mark GilbertRowman & Littlefield Publishers
John Colter: The Incredible Story of the Man and the Legend
978-1-4422-2600-5 (October 2014)
By Ronald M. Anglin and Larry E. MorrisRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Jubal Early: Robert E. Lee's Bad Old Man
978-0-8108-8913-2 (October 2014)
By Benjamin Franklin Cooling IIIRowman & Littlefield Publishers
A Forgotten Sisterhood: Pioneering Black Women Educators and Activists in the Jim Crow South
978-1-4422-1138-4 (September 2014)
By Audrey Thomas McCluskeyRowman & Littlefield Publishers
A Research Guide to the Ancient World: Print and Electronic Sources
978-1-4422-3739-1 (September 2014)
By John M. Weeks and Jason de MedeirosRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Black Women of the Harlem Renaissance Era
978-0-8108-8542-4 (September 2014)
Edited by Lean'tin L. Bracks and Jessie Carney SmithRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Carl Maria von Weber: Oberon and Cosmopolitanism in the Early German Romantic
978-1-4422-3594-6 (September 2014)
By Joseph E. MorganRowman & Littlefield Publishers
Frog Town: Portrait of a French Canadian Parish in New England
978-0-7618-6383-0 (September 2014)
By Laurence Armand FrenchUniversity Press of America
Haunted Island: True Ghost Stories from Martha's Vineyard, 2nd Edition
978-1-60893-352-5 (September 2014)
By Holly NadlerDown East Books
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