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Historical Dictionaries of Women in the World
There is a lot to like about Scarecrow's various Historical Dictionaries series. -Booklist Although accounting for half of humanity since the world began, it could hardly be said that women fill half of the pages of our history books. Five percent might be closer to the figure. So it is certainly worthwhile to increase the coverage on women through a special series of historical dictionaries that will focus on different parts of the world. Since the history of women in the past and their present status varies greatly from one region to another (and from one country to another within the regions) this series will cover as much ground as possible. The first in the series is on women in sub-Saharan Africa, but there should eventually be others on women in the Caribbean and many other regions. In each of these volumes, there will be an introduction covering the general situation of women in that part of the world. The chronology will track it, doubtlessly with rather few items in the earlier years but gradually expanding with time. The dictionary section will contain numerous entries on the emergence of women's rights and the progress in achieving equality, any specific traditions, customs or legislation that affect them, the most important women's organizations and grassroots movements, and notable women who have played one role of another over the centuries. The bibliography will point to further literature. These are not the only historical dictionaries that will deal specifically with women since others are included under different relevant headings. There are already volumes on Feminism and the Lesbian Liberation Movement in the series on Religions, Philosophies and Movements, soon to be joined by Feminist Philosophy. The new series on Literature and the Arts will have a volume on Lesbian Literature among the first.

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