Whole Family Approaches to Childhood Illnesses and Disorders | Rowman & Littlefield
Whole Family Approaches to Childhood Illnesses and Disorders
Childhood illnesses and disorders are challenging not just for the child, but for whole families as they navigate the symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, and aftermath. Marriages can become strained, other children can feel left out or ignored, families can fall apart as focus is centered on the sick or disordered child. This series of book is designed to not only help parents and caregivers better understand their child's illness/disorder and to navigate its treatment and the care of the child, but also incorporates a “whole family” perspective that tends to the needs of the marriage, the individual, and other children involved, as well as extended relationships with other family and friends. Families do not have to fall apart in the wake of a frightening diagnosis. They can not only rise to the challenge and meet everyone's needs, but become stronger and healthier. These books will show them how.

Editor(s): Brian J. Fligor