Toposophia: Thinking Place/Making Space | Rowman & Littlefield
Toposophia: Thinking Place/Making Space
This series, dedicated to the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary study of place, will be of interest to scholars and students in a variety of fields, especially those in philosophy, geography, political theory, architecture, landscape design, history, planning, urban studies, environmental studies, media, and the creative arts. As the combination of topos and sophia in the series title suggests, the aim is to engage with issues of place and space (geographical, architectural, environmental, political, aesthetic, virtual) in a questioning and reflective (broadly "philosophical") fashion. However, the series is not restrictive in the range of disciplines included nor in the ways in which place and space might be taken up.

Editor(s): Jessica Dubow (University of Sheffield) and Jeff Malpas (University of Tasmania)
Advisory Board: Edmunds Bunkse, Nader El-Bizri, Matti Itkonen, Eduardo Mendieta, John Murungi, John Pickles, Beata Sirowy, Ingrid Leman Stefanovic, Dennis Skocz
Staff editorial contact: Jana Hodges-Kluck (