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TEXTURES: Philosophy / Literature / Culture
This series seeks to publish the most exciting in-depth research in the areas of philosophy, literature, and culture today. TEXTURES has been established to include not only contemporary interdisciplinary studies in philosophy, literature, film, media, and the arts, but also literary, aesthetic, and cultural theory. It addresses questions of cultural meaning and cultural difference, aesthetic experience and cultural studies while focusing on new directions in philosophical/ literary/ art/ musical/ film/ cultural theory. Founded by Hugh J. Silverman, this series sets a new standard for quality books in the interrelations between philosophy, literature, the arts, and culture and for identifying some of the most important and pressing contemporary issues in these inter-cultural and cross-disciplinary areas. Volumes are to emphasize the intersections between disciplinary practices and the ways in which these differences in practices can be thematized and articulated theoretically and philosophically. They should provide a focused contribution to varying aspects of a contemporary or thematic topic.

Editor(s): John Phillips (john.wp.phillips@gmail.com)
Staff editorial contact: Deanna Biondi (dbiondi@rowman.com)