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Studies in Philosophy of Sport
The Studies in Philosophy of Sport series encourages scholars from all disciplines to inquire into the nature, importance, and qualities of sport and related activities. The series aims to encourage new voices and methods for the philosophic study of sport while also inspiring established scholars to consider new questions and approaches in this field. The series encourages scholars new to the philosophy of sport to bring their expertise to this growing field. These new voices bring innovative methods and different questions to the standard issues in the philosophy of sport. Well-trodden topics in the literature will be reexamined with fresh takes and new questions and issues will be explored to advance the field beyond traditional positions.

Editor(s): Shawn E. Klein (
Advisory Board: Jack Bowen (Santa Clara University Institute for Sports Law and Ethics), Chad Carlson (Hope College), Colleen English (Penn State Berks), Shaine Henert (Northern Illinois University), Francisco Javier Lopez Frias (The Pennsylvania State University), Michael Perry (Rockford University), Emily Ryall (University of Gloucestershire)
Staff editorial contact: Jana Hodges-Kluck (