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Social Movements in the Americas
This series reaches beyond conventional approaches and disciplinary boundaries to publish widely ranging studies in social movements—defined for this series, as the practice through which a multiplicity of actors transform, contest, challenge, consolidate, and reproduce society in a variety of historical moments—from diverse perspectives. The fundamental premise of this series is that, if social movements have historically been constituted across nations, the study of them must be transnational as well. The main objective is threefold. First, the series de-emphasizes the nation-state as the primary framework for understanding social movements in the Americas. Second, the series constitutes a transnational and interdisciplinary intellectual community to explore the political, social, economic, cultural conditions through which social movements have played a fundamental role in shaping the experiences, categories, practices, and meanings of democracy. Third, the series reconsiders the origins of social change and democracy away from the US and Europe. Social Movements in the Americas is dedicated to publishing translations of important scholarly work produced in Latin America.

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