Best Practices in Library Services | Rowman & Littlefield
Best Practices in Library Services
This exciting new series highlights the latest innovative services and programs being offered in public, academic, school, and special libraries across the United States and Canada. There's something in here for every type and size of library!With the rapidly increasing use of smartphones and tablets in the library to access information, as well as the growing role of social media, blogging, and e-learning instruction, the identities of libraries themselves are being transformed. This series contends that every function of the library, including customer service, can be improved with technology.But why reinvent the wheel? Instead, you can now implement or expand services while knowing how other libraries have met their users' needs.The first four titles in Scarecrow's new Best Practices series cover the following crucial aspects of these new library services:• Mobile Library Services• Using Social Media in Libraries• Customer Service in Libraries• E-Learning in LibrariesFollowing an introduction, each book highlights ten best practices. Each best practice includes the following information:• When and how the library made the decision to launch it• Its chief aims and objectives• The steps taken to get it off the ground (including specific technologies and equipment used, techniques, staff training, etc.)• A description of resources (staff, funds, time) required• An exciting narrative of how the user community reacted and the program's role in furthering the library mission• How the library assessed the service• Any planned next steps; and advice offered to librarians seeking to start or expand similar services.

Editor(s): Charles Harmon and Michael Messina