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The Soviet Bloc and After
In the wake of the breakup of the USSR and the Soviet bloc, along with postcommunist transitions throughout the region, scholars and students alike are grappling with an overthrow of existing paradigms. An overload of information, a chaotic pace of change, and theories borrowed from other disciplines have atomized the field. This series is intended to serve an integrative role as we begin to explore anew the Soviet Union, its successor states and nationalities, and the countries of eastern Europe. This series presents original work--both individual and collective--on the history, society, culture, domestic and foreign politics, and economy of the region. Giving special attention to comparative studies and to studies of system change, the series welcomes both original research and interpretive essays. For further information, please contact Gail Lapidus, Institute for International Studies, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-6055; fax: 415-725-2592; email: or Susan McEachern, Executive Editor, Rowman & Littlefield, 5360 Manhattan Circle, #101, Boulder, CO 80303; phone: 303-543-7835, fax: 303-543-0043; email:

Editor(s): Gail Lapidus