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Transforming Capitalism
This book series provides an open platform for the publication of path-breaking and interdisciplinary scholarship which seeks to understand and critique capitalism along four key lines: crisis, development, inequality, and resistance. The series has at its core the assumption that the world is in various states of transformation, and that these transformations may build upon earlier paths of change and conflict while also potentially producing new forms of crisis, development, inequality, and resistance. Through this approach the series alerts us to how capitalism is always evolving and hints at how we could also transform capitalism itself through our own actions. It is rooted in the vibrant, broad, and pluralistic debates spanning a range of approaches which are being practised in a number of fields and disciplines. As such, it will appeal to sociology, geography, cultural studies, international studies, development, social theory, politics, labour and welfare studies, economics, anthropology, law, and more. It publishes books, in the form of monographs, edited volumes and occasional translations of essential works, which address numerous topics and issues rooted in these debates and literatures.

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Editor(s): Ian Bruff, Gemma Edwards, and Simon Springer
Advisory Board: Mònica Clua-Losada, Laurence Cox, Julie Cupples, Jamie Gillen, Kevin Glynn, Catia Gregoratti, Penny Griffin, Douglas Hill, Laura Horn, Alke Jenss, Marcelo Lopes de Souza, Kathleen Millar, Adam David Morton, Alf Gunvald Nilsen, Jacqui True, Sylvia Walby
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