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Studies in Social and Global Justice
As transnational interactions become more prevalent and complex in our interconnected world, so do the questions of social justice that have often featured in political discourse. From new debates in human rights and global ethics to changing patterns of resistance and precarity in the global economy, via an interrogation of the impact of climate change, Studies in Social and Global Justice publishes books that grapple with a broad array of critical issues faced in the world today. Published in partnership with the Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice at the University of Nottingham, the series will comprise both empirical and theoretical studies that critically address issues of social justice using a wide array of approaches, providing a vital space for the interdisciplinary interrogation of issues. It will problematize the dualisms between explanation and evaluation, theory and practice, the academy and activism, universities and the local communities in which they are situated, and between the Global North and Global South.

Editor(s): Ben Holland and Tony Burns
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