Global Political Economies of Gender and Sexuality | Rowman & Littlefield
Global Political Economies of Gender and Sexuality
This book series brings together scholarship from leading and emerging scholars working on the intersections between gender and/or sexuality in political economy. It seeks to move beyond the ‘blindness’ of International Political Economy to feminist, gender, trans, queer and masculinity studies in order to more fully capture the complex and contested transformations associated with globalization, capitalism and neo-liberalism. The books published in this interdisciplinary series seek to understand the ways in which interrelated political and economic processes are imposed upon and reproduced by gendered and/or sexualised bodies; inquire into the complex ways in which gender and/or sexuality represent sites of resistance and struggle in the international political economy; and consider what the erasure and/or inclusion of gender and sexuality can tell us about the terrain of International Political Economy itself as a field of study

Editor(s): Nicola Smith, Adrienne Roberts, and Juanita Elias