Off the Fence: Morality, Politics and Society | Rowman & Littlefield
Off the Fence: Morality, Politics and Society
Off the Fence presents short, sharply argued texts in applied moral and political philosophy, with an interdisciplinary focus. The series constitutes a source of arguments on the substantive problems that applied philosophers are concerned with: contemporary real-world issues relating to violence, human nature, justice, equality and democracy, self and society. The series demonstrates applied philosophy to be at once rigorous, relevant and accessible – philosophy-in-use.

Editor(s): Bob Brecher, Michael Neu, Robin Dunford
Advisory Board: Joanna Bourke, Garrett Brown, Victoria Browne, Gideon Calder, Tom Caes, Nic Clewer, Dominik Feldmann, Tim Heysse, Richard Jackson, Tarik Kochi, Vicky Margree, Harjeet Marway, Mark McGovern, Alexander Sager, Ross Sparkes, Lubica Ucnik, Evert van de Zweerde, and Peter West-Oram.
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