Moral Psychology of the Emotions | Rowman & Littlefield
Moral Psychology of the Emotions
How do our emotions influence our other mental states (perceptions, beliefs, motivations, intentions) and our behaviour? How are they influenced by our other mental states, our environments, and our cultures? What is the moral value of a particular emotion in a particular context? This series explores the causes, consequences, and value of the emotions from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Editor(s): Mark Alfano, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Macquarie University
Advisory Board: Michael Brady (Glasgow University), Julien Deonna (University of Geneva), Owen Flanagan (Duke University), Bennett Helm (Franklin & Marshall), Victoria McGeer (Princeton University), Kathryn Norlock (Trent University), Carolyne Price (Open University, UK), Duncan Pritchard (University of Edinburgh), David Rosenthal (CUNY Graduate Center), Christine Tappolet (University of Montreal)
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