Men and Masculinities in a Transnational World | Rowman & Littlefield
Men and Masculinities in a Transnational World
The interdisciplinary series highlights innovative approaches applied to understanding the
experiences and struggles of boys and men around the world. Geared for both academic and
non-academic audiences and featuring cutting-edge analyses and case studies on the formations,
contestations, and transformations of men and masculinities, books in this series can be adopted
as undergraduate and graduate-level texts as well as be of interest to policymakers, and

Editor(s): Simona Sharoni and Henri Myrttinen
Advisory Board: Raewyn Connell, Professor Emerita, The University of Sydney Paul Kirby, University of Sussex, UK Paul Higate, Bristor University, UK Marsha Henry, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Claire Duncanson, the University of Edinburgh Dennis Rodgers Shira Tarrant, University of California, Santa Barbara Adam Baird, Coventry University, UK Paul Amar, University of California Santa Barbara Maria Stern, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Robert Morrell, University of Cape Town, South Africa Natasha Danilova, The University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Nivi Manchanda, University of Leiden, Germany Kathleen Starck, Universität Koblenz · Landau, Germany Russell Luyt, Anglia Ruskin University, UK Brian Klocke, Independent Scholar, Faculty Against Rape (FAR)
Staff editorial contact: Dhara Snowden (
Wartime Sexual Violence against Men: Masculinities and Power in Conflict Zones
Rowman & Littlefield International • November 2018 • Monograph