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Martial Arts Studies
The Martial Arts Studies book series aims to foster cross-disciplinary dialogue and generate new knowledge in the interdisciplinary fields of martial arts studies. The series welcomes proposals that explore martial arts studies in terms of such key questions as identity, gender, ethnicity, film, creativity, (digital) culture, media (and social media), drama, diaspora, performance, dance, memory, movement, pedagogy, institution, violence, the state, (post) colonialism, experience, ritual, training, fitness, incarceration, heritage, belief, and so on.The series also seeks to explore such questions as the purpose(s) of martial arts studies; what martial arts ‘achieve'; why people (still) practice martial arts; why there has been a huge global upsurge in some martial arts – such as the staged actual violence of mixed martial arts (which is now bigger than boxing and wrestling combined) – and the ways in which these issues relate to such themes as contemporary capitalism, globalization, the current era of internet connectivity, and so on; as well as studies of the ways martial arts changed in recent years, the future directions of martial arts, and the future directions of martial arts studies.

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