Kilombo: International Relations and Colonial Questions | Rowman & Littlefield
Kilombo: International Relations and Colonial Questions
This is the first series to mark out a dedicated space for advanced critical inquiry into colonial questions across International Relations. The ethos of this book series is reflected by the bricolage constituency of Kilombos – settlements of African slaves, rebels and indigenous peoples in South America who became self-determining political communities that retrieved and renovated the social practices of its diverse constituencies while being confronted by colonial forces. The series embraces a multitude of methods and approaches, theoretical and empirical scholarship, alongside historical and contemporary concerns. Publishing innovative and top-quality peer-reviewed scholarship, Kilombo enquires into the shifting principles of colonial rule that inform global governance and investigates the contestation of these principles by diverse peoples across the globe. It critically re-interprets popular concepts, narratives and approaches in the field of IR by reference to the “colonial question” and, in doing so, the book series opens up new vistas from which to address the key political questions of our time.

Editor(s): Mustapha K. Pasha, Meera Sabaratnam and Robbie Shilliam