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Insolubilia: New Work in Contemporary Philosophy
Insolubilia are problems that one cannot solve, cannot salve and cannot save — but which nonetheless cannot be avoided. This series publishes works that engage with the problems that deserve the name contemporary because they arise in and pertain specifically to our contemporary situation. These necessarily novel works will explore foundational questions in philosophy from a new perspective, offer new syntheses of previously disparate fields of investigation with an eye to the contemporary problematic, and think through in a rigorous way the relationship between previously heterogeneous concerns that now have come into contact (e.g. critical theory and the environment; philosophy and the market; neuroscience and poetry). Insolubilia is accordingly a series that publishes the latest works in continental philosophy that incarnate, present, and engage the insolubles of our time.

Editor(s): A.J. Bartlett, Justin Clemens and Jon Roffe
Staff editorial contact: Sarah Campbell (
Marx and Art
Rowman & Littlefield International • July 2019 • Monograph
Mallarmé: Rancière, Milner, Badiou
Rowman & Littlefield International • March 2017 • Monograph