Frontiers of the Political: Doing International Politics | Rowman & Littlefield
Frontiers of the Political: Doing International Politics
This series aims to contribute to our understanding of transversal political struggles beyond and across the borders of the nation-state, and its institutions and mechanisms, which have become influential and effective means of both contentious politics and political subjectivity. The series features titles that eschew and even disavow interpreting these transversal political struggles with categories and concepts of political thought that originally arose from the contained and container politics of the nation-state.Featuring titles that investigate habitus, practices, and acts that define new frontiers of political subjectivity, it engages particularly with indigeneity, diasporicity, the human body, cyberspace, war, and earth. These sites are understood as political sites of struggle and traverse already existing borders, but constitute emergent frontiers of political subjectivity. The investigations of political subjectivity – mechanisms through which individuals or collectivities inhabit positions in social space for articulating collective rights – are, as ever, amongst the most vital questions of our age.

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