Feminist Institutionalist Perspectives | Rowman & Littlefield
Feminist Institutionalist Perspectives
Why do institutions and international organisations continue to affect the daily lives of women and men (and different groups of women and men) differently? Why do institutions often reproduce or exacerbate patterns of disadvantage and discrimination, even when formally espousing ideals of equality? As well as seeking to expose the rules, norms and practices through which institutions produce gendered outcomes, Feminist Institutionalism is also concerned – through detailed examples from across the globe – with the potential for, and limits of, institutional innovation and reform in pursuit of gender equality and gender justice. Published in partnership with the Feminism and Institutionalism International Network (FIIN) this series represents the ‘next stage' of development of Feminist Institutionalism (FI), a novel approach to the study of politics, which combines insights from gendered analysis and institutionalist theory to expose, understand and explain the dynamics of gendered power inequalities in public and political life and their gendered effects. It aims to create a ‘home' for FI scholars as an emerging intellectual community, whilst encouraging dialogue between FI and wider academic communities and engaged practitioner communities.

Editor(s): Fiona Mackay, Elin Bjarnegård, Meryl Kenny