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Artistic Research
Artistic Research describes a particular mode of artistic practice and of knowledge production, in which scholarly research and artistic activity become inextricably intertwined. Questioning the boundaries between art, academia, philosophy and science, artistic research enables the exploration and generation of new modes of thought and sensible experience.

Fundamentally cross- and transdisciplinary, artistic research nevertheless starts from, and happens concretely at the level of specific artistic practices, emerging therefore from particular disciplines, such as music, cinema, painting, design, architecture, poetry, literature, dance, sound studies, and so on. Within a transdisciplinary horizon of thought and practices the Artistic Research series will address these more specific fields from a practical perspective, offering extended primers intended for students, docs and postdocs, but also for early-career researchers, who will find in them methodologies, strategies, and best-practice examples.

The series welcomes proposals for monographs and edited collections—also enhanced by multimedia components (images, videos, sounds)—, which pioneer new practices and methodologies, exposing challenging outputs of artistic research.

Editor(s): Paulo de Assis and Lucia D’Errico
Advisory Board: Andreij Radman, Delft University, Netherlands Christel Stalpaert, Professor in Theatre Studies (Performing and Media Arts), Ghent University, Belgium Darla Crispin, Head of Research, Norwegian Academy of Music, Norway Edward Campbell, Head of Music and Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen, UK Elena del Río, Associate Professor of Film Studies, University of Alberta, Canada Frans De Ruiter, Emeritus Professor for Artistic Research, Leiden University, Netherlands Jae Emerling, Associate Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art, University of North Carolina, US Janae Sholtz, Assitant Professor of Philosophy, Alvernia University, US Jean-Marc Chouvel, Professor of Composition and Musicology, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France Jonathan Impett, Director of Research, Orpheus Institute Ghent, Belgium Julia Kursell, Professor of Musicology, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands Kamini Vellodi, University of Edinburgh, UK Martin R. Scherzinger, New York University Steinhardt, US
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