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Know-It-All Shakespeare
The Know-It-All Shakespeare series breaks the mold of what annotated Shakespeare texts have looked like up to now. Rather than putting the historical background and literary insights in an introduction, where they are nearly never read, Know-It-AllShakespeare presents that information as a running commentary interlaced with the lines of Shakespeare. These commentaries provide supportive elements in engagingly digestible bites, including the occasional “Pro-Tip,” in which the reader gets wry life advice inspired by the events or tensions of the play. The most important aspect of this format is that it empowers readers in real time as they read, while encouraging them to laugh and connect personally to the text in purposeful ways. As readers interact with these works, they pause to consider what’s happening, to make supported guesses about what’s just been said, to find the double-entendre in the previous line, or to have their comprehension verified or expanded through historical context. There is space in these commentaries for readers to consider the text on their own terms rather than being told a single set of interpretations through a performance or a “translation.” Each text in this series is an elegant, supported, and sumptuously interactive reading experience.

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