Philosophy, Theory, and Educational Research Series | Rowman & Littlefield
Philosophy, Theory, and Educational Research Series
This series is designed to explore some of the most important philosophical and theoretical positions influencing educational research today, in a manner that does justice to the substance of these views and shows their relevance for research purposes and practices. A distinguished international group of scholars explains these positions in straightforward terms, making these books suitable for courses in Educational Research Methods and Foundations of Educational Research. The overall goal of the series is to keep a wider discussion about these positions relevant to educational research at a time when the tendency is toward a narrowing of methods and methodologies. Each volume will show how a particular set of philosophical and theoretical positions affects the methods and aims of educational research; and each will discuss specific examples of research that shows these orientations at work. The emphasis is on lively, accessible, but theoretically sound explorations of the issues. These books are intended to be of interest not only to educational researchers but to anyone in education wanting to understand what these various "isms" are about.

Editor(s): Nicholas C. Burbules