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Out Sources: Philosophy-Culture-Politics
Out Sources is a new book series from Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group), that is dedicated to publishing texts that demonstrate an awareness of both the local and global context of philosophical debate. It is the founding belief of Out Sources that the existing divisions and hierarchies governing philosophical discussion ought to be called into question, and that there is a pressing need for the publication of more texts that take up the challenge of broadening the content of what is considered philosophically legitimate. Out Sources is dedicated to publishing texts that demonstrate an awareness of the global character of philosophical debate-recognizing both that the western canon continues to be put to work outside the west and in distinctly non-canonical ways, and that there exist equally instructive, though currently less dominant, non-western traditions that deserve wider distribution, and ultimately greater influence, in the English-speaking world. Moreover, we recognize that these texts often demand that the nature of philosophy itself be called into question. The editors encourage works that envision a heteronymous philosophy, a philosophy that engages the intersection between philosophical texts and other disciplines not from a position of epistemic authority (as in the various philosophies of science, social science, history, etc.), but rather views the intersection between philosophy and other disciplines as an encounter in which both the object and the mode of inquiry are transformed. It is toward this end that this series is directed. Editorial Advisory Board: Michael Hardt, Duke University; Charles Mills, University of Illinois at Chicago; Enrique Dussel, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana and Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico; Elizabeth Grosz, Rutgers University; Harry Harootunian, New York University; and Susan Buck-Morss, Cornell University

Editor(s): Steven DeCaroli and Jason Read