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New Studies in Modern Japan
New Studies in Modern Japan is a multidisciplinary series that consists primarily of original studies on a broad spectrum of topics dealing with Japan since the mid-nineteenth century. Additionally, the series aims to bring back into print classic works that shed new light on contemporary Japan. The series speaks to cultural studies (literature, translations, film), history, and social sciences audiences. We publish compelling works of scholarship, by both established and rising scholars in the field, on a broad arena of topics, in order to nuance our understandings of Japan and the Japanese.

Editor(s): Doug Slaymaker ( and William M. Tsutsui (
Advisory Board: Michael Bourdaghs, Rebecca Copeland, Aaron Gerow, Yoshikuni Igarashi, Koichi Iwabuchi, T. J. Pempel, Julia Adeney Thomas, Dennis Washburn, and Merry White
Staff editorial contact: Mark Lopez (