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New Millennium Books in International Studies
Deborah J. Gerner, Founding Editor. New Millennium Books issue out of the unique position of the global system at the beginning of a new millennium in which our understandings about war, peace, identity, sovereignty, security, and sustainability—whether economic, environmental, or ethical—are likely to be challenged. In the new millennium of international relations, new theories, new actors, and new policies and processes are all bound to be engaged. Books in the series are of three types: compact core texts, supplementary texts, and readers. EDITORIAL BOARD: Maryann Cusimano Love, Catholic University of America; John Freeman, University of Minnesota; Sumit Ganguly, Indiana University; Ole Holsti, Duke University; Margaret Karns, University of Massachusetts, Boston; Eric K. Leonard, Shenandoah University; James McCormick, Iowa State University; Karen Mingst, University of Kentucky; Jon Pevehouse, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Anne Sisson Runyan, University of Cincinnati; Gerald Schneider, University of Konstanz, Germany; Timothy M. Shaw, University of Massachusetts, Boston; Thomas G. Weiss, City University of New York Graduate Center; and Michael Zürn, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin.

Editor(s): Eric Selbin and Vicki Golich, Series Editors