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New Kierkegaard Research
New Kierkegaard Research promotes scholarship on all aspects of Kierkegaard’s thought and its legacy. The series includes volumes dedicated to the careful exegesis of Kierkegaard’s writings, as well as ones that bring his ideas into dialogue with other thinkers. It also serves as an outlet for books drawing inspiration from Kierkegaard to address current questions in philosophy, religion, and other disciplines.

New Kierkegaard Research is pluralistic in nature. It welcomes proposals from scholars approaching Kierkegaard from either analytic or continental philosophical backgrounds, as well as from those adopting historical, contemporary, or comparative frameworks. Emphasis is placed on philosophical engagement with Kierkegaard’s ideas, but the series publishes books by authors working in a variety of academic fields.

Editor(s): Antony Aumann, Northern Michigan University (, and Adam Buben, Leiden University (
Advisory Board: John J. Davenport, Fordham University; Rick Anthony Furtak, Colorado College; Noreen Khawaja, Yale University; Sharon Krishek, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; John Lippitt, University of Notre Dame Australia and University of Pardubice; Anna L Söderquist, St. Olaf College; Jon Stewart, Slovak Academy of Sciences; Patrick Stokes, Deakin University
Staff editorial contact: Jana Hodges-Kluck (