New Dialogues in Philosophy | Rowman & Littlefield
New Dialogues in Philosophy
In the tradition of Plato, Berkeley, Hume, and other great philosophical dramatists, Rowman & Littlefield presents an exciting new series of philosophical dialogues. Edited by Dale Jacquette, Senior Professorial Chair in Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Bern, Switzerland, this innovative series has been conceived to encourage a deeper understanding of philosophy through the literary device of lively argument in scripted dialogues, a pedagogic method that is proven effective in helping students to understand challenging concepts while demonstrating the merits and shortcomings of philosophical positions displaying a wide variety of structure and content. Each volume is compact and affordable, written by a respected scholar whose expertise informs each dialogue, and presents a range of positions through its characters' voices that will resonate with students' interests while encouraging them to engage in philosophical dialogue themselves. "A promising new series that offers notable contemporary philosophers the opportunity to write books in a neglected format that has proven historically to be remarkably fruitful." -Steven M. Cahn, City University of New York Graduate Center

Editor(s): Dale Jacquette