Literary Research: Strategies and Sources | Rowman & Littlefield
Literary Research: Strategies and Sources
Every literary age presents scholars with both predictable and unique research challenges. This new series fills a gap in the field of reference literature by featuring research strategies and by recommending the best tools for conducting specialized period and national literary research. Emphasizing research methodology, each series volume takes into account the unique challenges inherent in conducting research of that specific literary period and outlines the best practices for researching within it. Volumes place the research process within the period's historical context and use a narrative structure to analyze and compare print and electronic reference sources. Following an introduction to online searching, chapters typically will cover these types of resources: general literary reference materials; library catalogs; print and online bibliographies, index, and annual reviews; scholarly journals; contemporary reviews; period journals and newspapers; microform and digital collections; manuscripts and archives; and Web resources. Additional or alternative chapters may be included to highlight a particular research problem or to examine other pertinent period or national literary resources.

Editor(s): Peggy Keeran and Jennifer Bowers